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By taking care of the Lhasa's we are taking care of and preserving a little bit of Tibet, it's heritage and people.

Welcome to R and R Lhasa Apso's. We have been Breeding, Showing and Handling Lhasa Apso's for the past 47 years.  Fifteen of those years were spent in Worcester, Massachusetts. We are presently located in Southern California, Orange County California, in a little town called Stanton, which is 4 miles up the street from Disneyland and three miles from Knotts Berry Farm.   For directions,
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We occasionally have Show and Pet Quality Lhasa's for sale.   Please check out our Lhasa Puppies tab to see pictures of Lhasa's we have bred and sold to loving homes.  All of our Lhasa Apsos are home-raised with plenty of love, care and kisses.  We only have one or two litters a year because we believe in breeding for quality and not quantity.  You can always see either the Mother or Father of any of our puppies.  We pride ourselves in breeding quality Lhasa Apsos with wonderful temperments.  None of our puppies are ever sold or placed with any Pet Stores.  We would never condone breeding Designer Dogs.

We Breed to adheare to the ALAC Standard that all reputable Lhasa Breeder's strive for. Our line consists of the Remarc, Lori Shan, Maijo, Saxonsprings, Rufkins, Hylan Sho Tru and Orlanes line of Lhasa Apso's. A five generation Pedigree (with pictures) of our basic line can be seen under our 5 generation pedigree tab.    


          We can be reached by E-mail  @   rmitten@msn.com or by telephone
    @ Home (714) 428-9061      or     Cell Phone (714) 398-7837
          References furnished upon request